Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Books I want to Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish
If I didn't have such a huge reading pile, and all the time in the world, I would pick these books up again and read them to my hearts content. 

1. The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - This was the first historical romance novel that I read, and I fell in love with the character's and the story line and really this is what really got me into historical romance. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is probably the best romance writer of our time, and if she were still alive I would have been honored to have met her.

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - Of course I had to fall in love with Jamie Fraser, and of course I had to look at Claire like she was amazing. Could you imagine living her life? Being a combat nurse in WWII is one thing, but falling through some stone circles and waking up in 1743 and fall in love with a Scottish Highlander who has a price on his head? Man, your life would just suck. But it doesn't, because it's full of fun and action. I reread this book so many times that my poor book is barely hanging by it's binding.

3. Come Love A Stranger by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - What can I say? I love all of Kathleen's book, but I'll admit that even I have my favorites, and this is it. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the mystery surrounding the male leads dead wife and sudden resurrection? Maybe its not knowing if that his wife or his wife's twin sister? Maybe it's the love they have for each other, but something about this novel just gives me goosebumps.

4. Burning Wild by Christine Feehan - If it wasn't for this book I probably wouldn't have discovered Christine, who is one of my favorite authors now. Her books are raw and beautiful, like a song. But a song of love. Not to mention all the action that takes place in this book. And Jake? I have one image in mind when I think of him, and he's usually top less and tons of rippling muscles. I envy Emma, I truly do.

5. There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones - This is an ARC that will be coming out next month and I wish I could tell you so much, but you will have to wait for my review. All I can say is that out of all the ARC's I've read, this one hit home in several places and I did not want the story to end.

6. Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Love, a disease? I am just against love as the next person, but this story was so original, so open, and the emotions that poured out just made me want to do something. I'm mad at myself for reading this book so early, because I have to wait until next year for the next book, and if the summary suggests what I think it does, I might just start crying. It's hard to explain why some love stories just make me more attached than others, but at the end of this book I was a ball of tears and I just pray that the next book will be what I believe everyone who's read this book hopes it to be, and I can't say what just in case you haven't read it.

7. Divergent by Veronica Roth - This is the year of awesome sci-fi dystopian stories, because this is another book that just really made me wish it never ended. The action is nonstop, the mystery about what a Divergent is and what's going to happen in this society is like digging for buried treasure. The climax of the story? I don't think I have ever read a book so fast before, and once again I'm made at myself for it, because like DELIRIUM it won't be out until next year. Why can't authors write faster?

8. Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin - This was my summer love story that had me smiling and laughing and entertaining. My one complaint? That it was too short! The whole concept is so original and I loved Rachel - I wish Dex had a different name (the name Dexter just doesn't click with me) - but I loved him anyways. Darcy? Not my biggest fan until I read the sequel, but what can you do? But like I said, this was my 2011 summer romance novel that I didn't want to end. Now if I can get my hands on the movie life will be perfect.

9. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - This is the first science fiction story about aliens, that wasn't about aliens that I read. I loved the concept, it was inspiring for me as a writer, and intriguing as a reader. The whole thing was so out of this world (no pun intended) and if you love science fiction I say pick this up, because this book and the book's that follow (except for the last one) belong in the family that founded science fiction. The last one? I wasn't too happy with the results, but the whole thing is so original and so new. And so complicated, you really need to pay attention and now politics to read this story, but I guess that's what turned me on to it.

10. A Pirate's Love by Johanna Lindsey - Like I've said before, some historical romance novels click, some don't. This one clicked well. It was beautiful, romantic, and really I am such a dreamer. These books just reflect the things I wish would happen to me sometimes, because these women are so strong. Maybe that's why, because these women are strong and they fight these guys to their last strength before fate falls in their lap. Anyways, when I read this book I was in love. Once isn't enough.


Anonymous said...

Your list is full of stuff I intend to 'read', lol. I really need to hurry up with my current line-up so I can get to Divergent and Delirium. I also have Outlander and Ender's Game on my to read list. So many books so little time.

Katrina said...

My desire to read Delirium just grew in reading your description. It just got bumped up a notch in the tbr list. It's tying with Divergent right now and I now am unsure of which one to read first.

Jan von Harz said...

Ender's Game would be a great reread, such a fantastic sci fi book. I also want to reread Delirium and Divergent before the next books in these series comes out.

Lenasledgeblog.com said...

Great list. Yours is the first list I've come across where I hadn't read any of the books on the list. I do have Divergent and Delirium, but I have yet to read them. Thanks for giving me some new books to explore.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's Mine:
My Top Ten Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I loved Outlander and hopefully will find the time to reread it one day. I loved it so much I couldn't bear to read anymore of the series with the fear that how I felt about Outlander would change.

Sidne,the BCR said...

Something Borrowed I shall add to my list. Divergent and Delirium are on my list to read but i'm not sure.

Alexa said...

I loved Divergent - it was brilliant, fast-paced and I just sped through it straightaway.

And Something Borrowed is such a cute book! I was pleasantly surprised when I read it ;)

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I want to reread Outlander badly, too, though I only read it once before :) I remember it kept me reading for long hours at night so I'm looking forward to reading it again!