*Updated: January 21st, 2013
Review Request: Currently Closed! Unless I have worked with you in the past (author, publisher, publicists), then I am sorry to say this but I will not be able to accept your request. Due to time commitments, I will be spending the summer catching up on all that I have to do. Please check back in September/October. I will only be taking a limited amount of requests in the Fall. 

Email me at: mpnyc93@gmail.com

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I love to read both Adults and Young Adult books. When it comes to reviews nothing short of honesty will be presented. I enjoy reading and talking about books, and I find telling others what I've read and my opinion on it.

Obviously I cannot get to every book within a day (especially a college student!) so, if you do want me to review your book please make note that it will take me some time. If you have a specific date that you want your book reviewed, I highly ask that you give it to me within a three to two months advance.  

If I have shown interest in reading your book, I will always read it. Now, I may not always finish it, and if so, I will acknowledge the fact.

PLEASE BE AWARE: I store all my Review Request in specific folders on my email and get to them as quickly as possible. With school/life sometimes this mean that it takes me several weeks, if not months, to get to a book. I understand how frustrating that is, but once I say I will review your book, I will review your book. 

I will be the first to admit my response time is a little slow. I will never just ignore an email though. If I don't get to your email within two to three weeks of the original sent date please feel free to send it again.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you want me to review your novel, please make sure the subject of the email is: Review Request! 

And make sure to include in the email
-Cover of your novel
-Summary of your book
-Link to Goodreads  

When a review goes up this is what you will see:
-Book cover (if there's more than one version I will be using the one I have)
-Title, Your name (author)
-Author Info
-Release Date
-Page # (this comes from Goodreads because they alter depending on what device I use)
-Interest (Series)
-Any other titles if it is a series
-Age Group

Reviews will appear on Goodreads and Shelfari. I can post on BN (Barnes and Noble) and Amazon upon request.

Types of novels I accept
-adult contempt
-young adult
-historical romance
-science fiction
-chic lit
-Christian fiction (YA only)

Not accepted:
-zombie novels

YES, I DO ACCEPT EBOOKS: I own an iPad and a tablet and currently can accept: PDF, Mobi, & ePub. This mostly all the formats that come online. I do put each request in specific areas since I do have so many platforms:
  -Mobi (Kindle) is for blog tours
  -ePub (Nook) General Reviews a.k.a. self-published work
  -Bluefire (This is an app for the iPad/tablet that I can access galleys) These are for ARC's  

Obviously PDF is accepted in any platform. I don't want to sound overly picky but I do try to be organized as much as possible and this is just a way to keep it all together.


When I host giveaways the general rules apply to all:
-Must be 14 years of age
-Must live in the United States
-Only one entry allowed
-I hold no responsibility for lost packages in the mail
-I don't want you to post your email address in the comment section.

~Obviously privacy is important and I want it to be known that whatever it is you give me I will not release the information to anyone.

~Winners will be announced via email or twitter.  

~Unless specifically told I will never giveaway a book that an author has given me for review. Most are usually signed to me, so I doubt anyone else would want it, but it's mostly because the author has given the book to me specifically so I don't feel like it's right to give those away.

~I have no problem hosting giveaways for authors. Please let me know in advance the time period and quantity of books/swag that you would want me to giveaway. I would also ask that you would help spread the word about the giveaway.


ARCs from authors, publishers, and Netgalley will take precedent before I get to what I consider my "For Review" pile. And this isn't because I prefer them over anything else, but because they do have a set released date I want to be able to have them finished at least a week in advance.

I do make exceptions, which includes blog tours. And if there is a certain day you would like your book reviewed please let me know, as I stated above. 

I just want to make clear that I do accept self-published works. I feel like anyone who can take the time and the effort to write a novel and go further to getting it published themselves deserves to at least be read.

Whether from a big publishing house or self-publication all my reviews will be fair.