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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Title: Voyager
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Release Date: December 1, 1993
Publisher: Delacorte
Pages: 1072
Format: Paperback
Acquired: Bought
Interest: Series
Others in the Series: Outlander, & Dragonfly in Amber
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 5 Stars

Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the tragic battle of Culloden. Yet his memory has never lessened its hold on her... and her body still cries out for him in her dreams.
Then Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Torn between returning to him and staying with their daughter in her own era, Claire must choose her destiny. And as time and space come full circle, she must find the courage to face the passion and pain awaiting her...the deadly intrigues raging in a divided Scotland... and the daring voyage into the dark unknown that can reunite or forever doom her timeless love.

Book 1 captivated me, book 2 made me cry and  wanting more, book 3 has me a little bit confused. I understand that being away from someone, especially for someone you love, for twenty years is pretty difficult, but what I'll never understand is how their love isn't as strong as they make someone believe. In all honesty if their love was as strong as they keep insisting it was then they shouldn't have been unfaithful to the other during their time apart. I personally have never been with a guy before, so I don't understand this...craving for another human soul, to be connected with someone else. Maybe it's because I'm young or maybe it's because I just can't see it the way they do, but from what I read all I saw was the need to be close to another human being in their time of loneliness.

Anyways, I'm glad that Claire had decided to return to Jamie and rekindle their love. I really wanted to see some girl fighting though between Claire and Laoghire but I guess the big question came in the form of why Jamie would even think of marrying someone else. He had to know that of course Claire would come back, and it upset me even more that he had a child with someone else. I mean, come on! I was just hating him more and more. I guess this comes from me just not getting this need to be physically connected to someone else, to fill a void. But seriously!

Of course Claire wasn't a saint either so not all the blame is placed on him. And I just hate that stupid excuse that "I'm a man" or "I'm a woman" or whatever excuse people use to need to get into bed with someone. If you love someone, you love them and nothing else should matter, but I guess that's the naive side of me.

Well the main action was exciting and heart racing. True, some things just didn't make sense, or just seem to come straight out of some fantasy novel, but I enjoyed how character's were returned and how some things (Jamie's personality) just don't change. I also feel like Brianna had finally started to mature, especially after accepting that her father wasn't an English scholar but a red haired stubborn Scottish soldier who use to have a price on his head from the 18th century.

 The ending made me smile, but I wish there could have been some sort of bigger cliff hanger, because back in 2001 someone could have thought this would have been the end.

Want a high sea adventure, come this way.

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