Friday, November 25, 2011

Because You're Mine by Lisa Kleypas

Title: Because You're Mine
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Release Date: October 25th, 2011
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Acquired: Bought
Interests: Series
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 5 Stars

Because the Dream...
Young, high-spirited Lady Madeline Matthews is expected to wed an aging, lecherous lord. But she would rather shame herself in the eyes of society than sacrifice her freedom, and resolves to render herself unmarriageable by indulging in a torrid affair with Britain's most acclaimed actor and notorious womanizer, Logan Scott.
Because the Heart...
He is legend in the footlights and in the bedchamber. But when the curtain falls, Logan is an intensely private, guarded man still tormented by past betrayals that cut deep into his pride and his heart. Now a forward little minx who seems completely out of place in the bright, sophisticated world of the London stage is disrupting his orderly existence with her constant presence, her unspoiled beauty and vibrant charm. And what begins with an onstage kiss threatens to blossom into something more rapturous and real. But first Logan and Madeline both must drop the masks they hide behind...and reveal their true selves in the golden glorious light of love.

Ever since I first read The Flame and the Flower I have become a sucker for Historical Romance novels. They are just adorable and you really can't go wrong with them.

I'm not going to lie, what drove me to this book was the new edition covers. I am starting to become a fan of Lisa Kleypas, because she writes so beautifully and is very detailed. She brings in this atmosphere of romance and resistance that is seen between the main characters of Maddy and Logan, and the tension between them is like electricity where if an outsider stands too close they'll probably be pulled back.

What I love most about this is that Logan is an actor! I will confess that when it comes to Historical Romance novels I do fall prey to the idea of pirates, who really aren't as bad as it sounds (really, a person could just consider them caption of a ship), but reading this book was so different, because Logan is as dangerous and handsome as those other men but he is this contained danger that is put on stage and can redirect that to a performance. Which is why everyone in the book loves Logan, well, almost everyone.

Now, obviously what Maddy had done to get away from a marriage was probably not the best thing in the world, in fact if it wasn't for the need to create drama in the novel I'm sure Lisa could have just let them live happily ever after in this little lie that the girl came up with, but it was incredibly sad afterwards. Later on I just felt like this need to hit Logan, because for an actor he really loves to be dramatic.

And the story also brings in characters like Andrew, Logan's best friend, who is a drunk and almost a failure to his father, the Duke. But Andrew is such a colorful character, and in fact he's just one of the many characters in the book. What I really love about Lisa is that she is able to take this ensemble of characters and give them so many different faces but yet they still hold on to who they truly are. And when reading this book, hopefully you would see that.

If I had to mention something I didn't like about this book - besides Maddy's little plot to get into Logan's bed - it would be the way later on Logan treats Maddy. I understand he is hurt and she obviously did lie, but I feel like he was trying too hard to hurt her and when someone pushes and pushes there is only so much a girl can take, so I wasn't completely surprised at the end when Maddy made the decision she did. In fact, I probably would have done it sooner, so I will grant her this patience she has.Yet, like most historical romance novels, things work themselves out in the end.

This is a very light and funny read that if you have a few hours in the day to just sit back and relax this would be a book to pick up and read. It could make you appreciate the small things in life, or hopefully it would.

I am just falling in love with Lisa's books.

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