Monday, August 13, 2012

Comeback Love by Peter Golden

Title: Comeback Love
Author: Peter Golden
Info: Website | Twitter | Facebook
Release Date: April 3rd, 2012
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Acquired: From Publisher
Age Group: Adult

More than thirty-five years ago, Gordon Meyers, an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft lottery, packed his belongings and reluctantly drove away, leaving behind Glenna Rising, the sexy, sharp-witted med student he couldn’t imagine living without.

Now, decades later, Gordon is a former globe-trotting consultant with a grown son, an ex-wife, and an overwhelming desire to see Glenna again. Though she’s stunned when Gordon walks into her Manhattan office, Glenna agrees to accompany him for a drink. As the two head out into the snow-swept city, they rediscover the passion that once drew them together—before it tore them apart. And as the evening unfolds, Gordon will finally reveal the true reason for his return. . . . 

When Gordan met Glenna it was instant attraction. A story of two lovers discovering each other goes wrong in many ways and thirty plus years later Gordan has returned into Glenna's life, after seeking her out. Slowly the ties between the present and the past are drawn together as both of them question 'what if' and if the past could ever be relived.

I honestly don't know what had originally drawn me to this book. When I was first asked to participate in the blog tour, this one instantly jumped out at me. And it had nothing to do with the direct plot line: I have never had a man leave me and thirty years return (I haven't even lived thirty years!) but I did like this correlation between the past and the present.

I think that a lot of us are guilty at one point or another in letting our past actions be the driving force to the present, and in a lot of ways start to overshadow the future. I think that's what happened to Gordan, in my opinion. While he had moved on, he had a son, he didn't really move on. He returned to her, Glenna. But, and this might sound a little weird, I liked that this was told from a male's perspective. For a long time I have always read very heavily emotional books from a female's point of view, and I can connect. I could connect in a lot of ways with Gordan, somewhat, even though he's a guy.

The thing about Gordan is that even when he was a young college student, in someways, he was always looking back. And now thirty-five years later he still is. The parallel's between the past and the present were in a lot of ways surprising, but I wouldn't doubt at all if that was the author's intent. I think that Gordan had a lot of work, and reader's can see that just as well as Glenna. 

Glenna, I could never connect with her. She was very out there and in a lot of ways an open book. And the past Glenna, I honestly felt, was too far into the future for me. Or maybe I'm stuck in Hollywood's version of what the 1960-70's look like, but Glenna, to me, was a little ahead. And Gordan's feelings for her were very intense.

This book was very interesting and a little out of what I'm use to, but I'm glad I read this book. Even though I could connect with Gordan, I have to give this a four because like I said before, he had a lot of work as a person to develop and see that he wasn't the only who was hurting. Golden did an excellent job with this book though, and I would recommend this book to just about anyone.

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Kristina said...

Wow. This sounds like one of those beautiful love stories that surpasses time. I will have to check it out!