Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Meets

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

1. Diana Gabaldon - The writer of the best Outlander series, which features my one and only Jamie Fraser (yes, I have claimed him as mine).

2. Meg Cabot - She's funny in her novels and in real life. I must meet her. And maybe have her sign all of my books. Besides, she's Meg Cabot. Who doesn't love Meg Cabot?!

3. Jackson Pearce - I still have not read her books, BUT I love her Youtube videos. Just like Meg Cabot, she's hilarious and I'm sure her books are just as amazing!

4. J.K. Rowling - Despite the fact that I have not read Harry Potter - but I will, so please put pitchforks and torches away - I really would like to have a sit down and talk with J.K. She sounds like a really cool person who has had such a blessing in her life and it would be interesting to see how the world of Harry Potter was formed from her perspective.

5. Orson Scott Card - I absolutely love this man. If you have not read Ender's Game, you are missing out. This man took everything I loved and hated and pulled it into a terrific story. I am not a fan of alien sci-fi stories, I think they are pretty cliche and honestly they are passed their time, but I love Card because he writes an alien book that's NOT about aliens. Someone would have to read to understand, but I think he's a genius.

6. Jodi Picoult - She is, hands down, my favorite author of all time. It was because of her that I discovered the adult world of literature, and not just the world where adults are the only main character, but the way she adds teenagers and young children to the story as well, and gives them a purpose. She is amazing and I would love to see her do research for her novels and the actual writing.

7. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - This woman pretty much set of a revolution when it came to romance novels. Let's be honest, the historical romance novels of authors like Maya Banks, Christine Dodd, Lisa Kleypas, or Johanna Lindsey would probably not have come about, or at least not have been as amazing, if it wasn't for this woman. The steamy scenes and the passion that reader's see when it comes to the main characters is something that Kathleen dared to do. She is known for "taking it into the bedroom," author and not to mention her stories are fantastic. I love this woman and if she weren't dead, I would invite her for lunch or dinner or something. Fantastic, fantastic woman.

8. Christine Feehan - The woman who introduced me to paranormal romance and just general romance itself. Before Feehan I kept myself as far away from romance novels as possible because I didn't think they were believable and I just hated romance at the time (I was fifteen, don't judge). So, when I picked up Feehan, not only did I get more than I expected but it was wonderful. I love Feehan. She's awesome.

9. J.R. Ward - I am basically obsessed with her. It's terrible, I know, but I can't help it. Ward is fantastic and amazing and if you ever read the Black Dagger Brotherhood you will just fall in love  with them.

10. Leo Tolstoy - If I had to pick an author who I have to put as one of my top ten must meets, it would be this guy. He wrote one of my favorite novels of all times, Anna Karenina.


lillylilac said...

Good list. I love Meg Cabot and Orson Card Scott as well although I haven't had the pleasure to read Ender's Game yet I have read this book by him called The Lost Gate which was wonderful as well.

vikk simmons said...

Enjoyed reading your list, pretty well-rounded.