Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jane Eyre Laid Bare by Eve Sinclair

Title: Jane Eyre Laid Bare
Author: Eve Sinclair
Info: Twitter | Website
Release Date: October 30th, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 336
Format: Electronic Copy
Acquired: ARC; Netgalley
Age Group: Very Adult

Everyone is familiar with Charlotte Brontë's passionate, but restrained novel in which the plain, yet spirited governess Jane Eyre falls for the arrogant Mr. Rochester. It’s a novel that simmers with sexual tension but never quite reaches the boiling point. Which is to be expected. After all, the original was written in 1847.  That was then. This is now. And in JANE EYRE LAID BARE, author Eve Sinclair writes between the lines to chart the smoldering sexual chemistry between the long-suffering governess and her brooding employer.

When an eager and curious Jane Eyre arrives at Thornfield Hall her sexual desires are awakened. Who is the enigmatic Rochester and why is she attracted to him? What are the strange, yet captivating noises coming from the attic, and why does the very air she breathes feel heavy with passion? Only one thing is certain. Jane Eyre may have arrived at Thornfield an unfulfilled and tentative woman, but she will leave a very different person

So, I just want to start out by saying that I am not a pervert, yet reviewing all this erotica is certainly making me look like one! And I also want to say that Jane Eyre is my favorite classic novel, and I don't read many of those!

I was a little nervous picking this up because Jane Eyre is my favorite novel, but I decided, "What the hell," and from the beginning the differences are more than obvious. The story does an awkward modern/classic type of writing style that instantly confused me. I found myself glazing right over the classic writing and trying to find my foot on the new style. Maybe it was because I could understand it better or maybe it was just because it actually moved the story along, I'm not sure.

And obviously the characters aren't the same but I wish that Sinclair had done a little more justice to them than what I saw. Maybe I'm just being extra picky, but there is a lot of work that should have been done to make it believable, in my opinion.

There are a lot of sexual tension, which is what mostly this novel is made out of. Its this never ending tension between the two characters. At some points I thought the novel was going places but at other times I was just really confused, wondering what I was reading.

Overall, it was interesting. Sinclair made a bold move reworking this novel and releasing it. I think, for the most part, she did a good job, but not what could have been done.

I say that if you are a fan, read at your own risk! And if you have never read Jane Eyre, then you have nothing to lose but time. 

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