Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals for 2013

This year I decided that I won't do a New Year's resolution. The only reason being is because I never follow through. I always: I will exercise more, I will try harder in school, I'll be a better person - things that everyone says. And I just feel like it's pointless to do one.

Now, I don't necessarily consider this some sort of New Year resolution, but this is something that I want to make sure I follow through with. As 2012 comes to a close (as well as all the Mayan talk) there has been a lot of reflecting on what I've done with my blog this year (one of the reasons that I've been lax on reviews) and I am not happy. Many reviews have been coming in late, self-published authors don't hear from me for awhile, and I have had some of the worst communication skills with publishers. I want a lot of that to change, so this is a list of certain things I want to do differently when it comes to blogging.

-Only request books that I know I'll have time to read
-Get reviews in on a timely manner

-Host more giveaways (my books keep growing and my home is drowning in them)
-Don't buy any books until after reading all that have already been bought
-Actually attend BEA
-Finish books that I have bought (some books I bought back in 2011 and still haven't gotten to them)
-Host more discussions
-Update more often
-Answer emails in a timely manner

Yeah, I know, this is stuff that looks pretty self-explanatory and something that I should already be doing, but sometimes I'm just not good at. I know that a lot of bloggers have this issue. I mean, life gets in the way and lets be honest, as much fun as blogging is it doesn't pay the bills and it doesn't offer the right education to get a job that will pay the bills. I'm just being honest.

I am glad that some goals that I had planned for this year did get complete. Get a new blog design? Check. Connect with more bloggers? Check. Review more? Check.

So, I'm not a complete failure. I consider some of these wins. And now I want to consider some other more wins.

I'm excited for 2013, because a lot of changes can occur and one of those changes will be for the blog.

Are you considering any goals or changes you want to make?

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