Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg

Title: Casey Barnes Eponymous
Author: E.A. Rigg
Info: Website | Facebook
Release Date: January 1st, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 220
Format: Electronic Copy
Acquired: From Author
Age Group: Young Adult

It's three weeks into the school year when music junkie Casey Barnes gets a second chance with her mysterious, heartbreaking ex-boyfriend. She comes up with a plan to win him back, but it soon spins out of control as rivalries, revelations about him, and music itself all start to collide. For Casey the newfound attention means learning the difference between wanting center stage and actually being on it

I knew that the moment I heard about this book I would like it.

Casey was nothing I expected and everything I could imagine. I thought I would be annoyed with her as one of those girl's who is just looking for attention from a guy, but I was surprised by how much she wasn't like that. Or at least the way I saw her.

I found myself having a lot of fun reading it. Rigg brings a unique character (with amazing taste in music) and sends readers into a great story.

I feel like I should have a lot to say, but honestly this is just one of those books that someone has to pick up in order to fully enjoy. The writing is wonderful, the characters are real; I found myself laughing and getting angry.

There was somethings that bothered me though, but it was something that I could easily overlook in contrast to the rest of this tale.

A truly wonderful read!

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