Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy: A Parody by William Codpiece Thwackery

Title: Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy
Author: William Codpiece Thwackery
Release Date: November 12th, 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 192
Format: Electronic Copy
Acquired: ARC; Netgalley
Age Group: Adult

Lizzy Steele had been brought up to be a proper lady with perfect manners, skilled in conversation, and well respected in the community. But when Mr. Elliot Bingley comes to court Lizzy's sister, she is given the opportunity to learn a somewhat different skill set upon her introduction to his friend, a Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. It only takes one chance meeting with this tall, dark stranger for Lizzy to be lured into Darcy's secret world of lascivious practices and lusty urges. Drawn like a moth to his flame, Lizzy is the mistress of her own undoing, for Darcy has made no protestations of love; indeed, his intentions were made plain from the outset. But even the most innocent and well brought-up of young ladies have urges, and as Lizzy learns that a riding crop isn't just used for going for a canter on her pony, a whole new world is revealed to her—shaded black and leather-clad.

Awkward. This was very awkward on so many levels. I know that as a parody it was supposed to be awkward, but what makes this even more awkward is that this book has a higher rating than Fifty Shades. I have no idea how that happened; maybe because the story was so funny in that it was so ridiculous.

This was actually the first parody that I have read, which is why I found it so enjoyable. I don't know how the fans of Mr. Darcy would feel about their lover getting tormented in such a way, but some of the scenes this author comes up with is just unbelievable.

It was witty, it was gross (in a lot of places), and it was intriguing. I'm not sure exactly what I was supposed to be looking at or just laughing at the story, since everything was exaggerated.

I read the novel pretty quick and I was a little glad when it was over. I can just imagine this being a movie and people laughing their heads off throughout the thing.

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