Monday, April 15, 2013

The Reason for Being Absent

This semester I have been more absent than usual and pretty much not doing any type of reviews. And if I did review it was for a blog tour or something, and even that I was lacking in terribly. The only reason, though, that I have been so absent is for a good reason. Or at least I think it was a good reason.

Even though I know I don't own anyone here any explanations, I just really want to share this with everyone because I am super excited and super proud of all that I've done.

I'm number three, by the way. I decided to pledge for a sorority and I'm glad to say that I made it to the end of the line with these three women by my side. The reason I don't reply to emails or update is because half of my time I spent with these women and my process and the other half was dedicated to school.

Hopefully now that I'm done I'll have more time to dedicate to blogging much more than usual. I have been reading, I have some twenty books that are overdue for a review. So, I want to get through it as soon as possible and catch up.

Thank you for bearing with me!

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Tiffany Daune said...

Congrats on getting into the sorority! And thank you for taking the time to review and post for the Surface tour.