Saturday, February 4, 2012

Favorite Places to Read

Everyone has that place where they like to read and I just thought I would share some of mine!


Okay, so this isn't my bed, but now I know what I want for whenever I get my first apartment! But yes, I love to read in bed, especially in winter when it's cold outside and I can pull the cool sheets over me and just snuggle in with my book in hand. It is wonderful!!


I don't know if anyone has ever ridden the New York City subway, but they are my absolutely favorite way to travel, especially when it's empty! Which is rare or if it's 2 in the morning. They are just so fun and they make a great place to read. I love to just sit there speeding by while escaping into a wonderful book.

I can promise that this is much cleaner than what you see right now. But yes, I like to read at my desk. My chair isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be so it's nice to just sit back and read.

My beautiful chair! I love this thing. It is so comfortable and I can just sit back and relax. I wish there was room to put a pillow, but it's still nice. I've fallen asleep on this thing many times, so when I pull out a book to read, it just makes it nice and comfortable. 

So, these are some of my favorite places to read. What are yours? 


Liz said...

this is liz :)

and i thought it was super interesting to see where you like to read. so i thought i'd share where i like to read!

i have a butterfly chair in my dorm room, so that's of my favorite places. i sit under my bed (it's lofted) and my dresser is next to me and it's covered in candles. so i like reading there with them burning.

i also like the third floor of the library on my campus. it's super quiet and there are a lot of places to hide. :)

i hate reading in bed though. beds are for sleeping. and mine is lofted so once i'm up there, i don't come down. hence, no one to turn out the lights if my roommate is already in bed...

as for academic reading, i like doing that at the cafe in the food building of my university. it's easiest there because i can't fall asleep :p yay for people being around!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

I used to read on the "T" (Boston's Subway) Great way to not have to look at the million other people smooshed in there with you!!