Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Any Love But Mine by Debbie Davies

Title: Any Love But Mine
Author: Debbie Davies
Info: Goodreads
Release Date: March 3rd, 2012
Publisher: Night Publishing
Pages: 290
Format: Electronic Copy
Acquired: From Author
Age Group: Young Adult

The gods forbade her to love, but love is a powerful force. Acacia has been created purely for Eros' pleasure but discovers within moments of being summoned into his presence that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Rejected, she is banished to Earth to serve as Eros' minion with the task of promoting the blissful state of love among all those around her, a state she must never indulge in with a human being herself on pain of immediate destruction. And then comes Josh, someone whose power of attraction over Acacia is so intense she will find it utterly impossible to resist him. But is he human? Is he a god? Or is he a trick of the gods? And what would happen should they kiss?

Well, I had a really rough beginning, I'm going to start with that. I almost put this in my DNF pile since I wasn't feeling it and I was in a little hurry to get through the book. But I'm glad I pushed a little more because I did thoroughly enjoy the rest of the novel.

I'm not too familiar with the story of Eros, so it was interesting watching Davies take on it. Right away I was hoping for the best for Acacia and Josh, but like any good story it took me on a ride. Excitement, pain, love, sadness - all there in one story that just would not stop for anything!

Of course, some characters needed a lot of work because I just didn't understand them, but I decided that it wouldn't let it stop me from enjoying it.

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, which I am, you may enjoy it a lot.

I like that the blurb followed closely to what the story was about instead of the story going off somewhere doing its own thing, dancing, like, "Look at me!" while I'm expecting something completely different.

I'm really glad that Davies let me review this book. It was a lot of fun.

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