Monday, February 18, 2013

7 Days to 20: Giselle Interview

Hello all! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Kicking off my event today, 7 Days to 20, is an interview with the one and only Giselle from Xpresso Reads, who, I should mentioned, helped me come up with this wonderful concept. I sent Giselle a series of questions to ask about her own teen experience and here is what she said:

What are some memorable moments that you had as a teen?
I was a pretty boring  teenager in a very small town so I don't have juicy stories to share on here--sorry :P so let's go with injuries--I have plenty of those! :) So i was riding my bike one day and my friend's bike wheel hit mine and I fell, right only face, and I skidded on the pavement for what felt like 15 minutes. I spent 3 nights in the hospital puking my guts off because of a concussion, I thought I would be scared fro life and deformed or something, but nope I came out just fine, except I still have a bump on my forehead from it. So I guess that's pretty memorable. 

Oh and on New Years day 2001, I wanted to make fries and I left the grease on too long, it caught fire, almost burned our whole house down. I panicked and took the pot from its handle and brought it outside. I threw it in the snow thinking I was so smart, except when I threw it, the fire just shot right back at my face, burned my eyebrows and bangs off. That was pretty cute. I lived, again! To this day I still won't go near cooking oil.

-If you could go back in time and give your teen self any advice what would it be? 
Don't try cooking? Ha! Ok *serious face* I guess I would tell myself to smarten up and break up with that ass! For real, my high school boyfriend was a jerk wad and it took way too long for me to realize this. What a waste of a few years! >.< I'd also tell myself that while some say high school is the best time of your life, what comes AFTER is the best time of mine, and all those jerks at school, they all try to add you on Facebook in 5 years and you DENY their friend request! Muahaha. Also, get rid of that eyebrow ring, it's so not you, and while it may suck to look years younger than you are now, people aren't laughing anymore! ;)

-What do you still carry with you (material item, values, etc) that you had as a teen? And has that helped you in anyway? 
Hmm nothing really. I still have my addiction to lip balm though. Can't go a day without it or my lips might fall off or something! I also still have my best friend from before high school-1st grade even. So that's pretty valuable :) My high school wasn't the easiest so I kind of left it all behind and moved on. I'm not one to hang on to my past.
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Giselle said...

Thanks for having me, love! Sorry the first question wasn't very highschool/teen-y. I just couldn't think of anything post worthy >.<

Jenni @ Alluring Reads said...

OMG THE CONCUSSION! AND YOUR EYEBROWS! bahahahaha NIce! It sounds like you got into a lot of trouble but had some damn good times. I always think it would have been fun to grow up in a small town rather than a big city...