Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving On, Changes, and GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday, I announced that I had a little announcement to make and I figured that now would be the perfect time to announce it!

I am moving! This blog is closing! Now, I don't mean that I'm done with book blogging, because I really do enjoy it, but I am done with blogger. It was a good run, and I thought I would at least stay for another year, but after getting in contact with someone they convinced me that it was best to say goodbye to blogger and get my own domain at Wordpress. So, I'm officially joining the Wordpress crowd.

I'm a little nervous for the move, but at the same time I'm not, since I'm technically not moving, someone else is moving for me.

Some call it lazy, I call it smart. As much as I love messing around with technology and creating websites and whatnot, knowing myself I would probably screw something up and lose everything. Granted, I don't have thousands of post or anything, which is why this is the perfect time to move. I'd rather do it now then later on when I have a lot more data and can lose a lot more.

Anna from Anna Marie More Designs is doing not only doing a design, but allowing me to get my own domain on her server, so that's all very exciting!

The official blog won't launch until August 1st, though, so keep on eye out on that. Also, in the big changes arena, is the fact that I am going to be getting a new domain. I will officially own (it doesn't exist yet, so don't bother going to it) but I'll make sure that whatever needs changing will get changed.

Finally, because of all the excitement I want to host a big giveaway! It's a little closing up shop, cleaning out the bookshelf, starting something new giveaway.

I have a lot of books that will be going, so the way that this may or may not work is that I'll put up a list of books that I have, and I will pick five winners. There are five packages, two YA packages, two Adult packages, and one a mixture of the two. Each package has four/five books in them, and some of them are signed. Some are also nonfiction that have been spread across.

Package 1: YA

The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable
The Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch
Journey to Virginland: Catena by Armen Melikian
Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow

Package 2: YA

Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston
The Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch
Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender
The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb

Package 3: YA & Adult

Journey to Virginland: Catena by Armen Melikian
Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves 
Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry by Albert J. Bernstein

Package 4: Adult

The Expats by Chris Pavone
Never Tell by Alafair Burke
Assisted by John Stockton
Dissident Gardens by Jonathan Lethem

Package 5: Adult

Teatime for the Firefly by Shona Patel
The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton
Dominion by C.J. Sansom
The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Night Film by Marisha Pessl

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Audrey said...

I will miss no homework! It's nice to have a break from school.

Unknown said...

I will really miss not being able to sleep in as much. Thanks for the giveaway.