Monday, August 1, 2011

Fever Cover Revealed

By now everyone would have seen the FEVER cover, which was revealed not so long ago.

Honestly, I trashed WITHER out pretty badly and I have no regrets over it, but I do feel like I should give the story enough credit to read the sequel. Though, you can't deny the beauty of it all. If I were to ever get published one day I would most likely want whoever made the cover art for this book or for SHIVER to be the cover artist for my novel.

And, it also tells a wonderful story. My friend was able to tell me what the story was about even before she read the summary, all by looking at the book cover. Whoever says you can't judge a book by it's cover? Sadly, I am one of those readers that appreciates a good cover and looks favorably at certain novels with good covers.

Maybe that was why I was so disappointed with WITHER. I had such high expectations to start with.

So, tell me, which book covers do you guys like out there? With all the books in the world, I'm sure there has to be a certain cover that catches the eye.

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