Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten (8) Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

8 Book Confessions:

READER CAUTION: Please do not judge me on my sins. I am coming clean!

1. Harry Potter - I have never read it. *bows head in shame* I know. A book lover who has never read the book that basically opened up the fantasy world and made a breakthrough into YA reading. How can I even call myself a book lover?! But, alas 'tis true. I actually own all the books and they are with my Nancy Drew's in safekeeping for, you know, the day that for whatever reason they go out of print. Yeah, I have them, I just haven't read them. Why? Well, when it first came out I didn't care much for reading. And when the love for books did appear, I had other things to read. Harry Potter was a "I'll get to it eventually." I have seen all the movies and own them, and I always said I would read the books because the movie never compares to the book, yet, I just always have to find something else to read. Maybe one day...I just don't know when.

2. Twilight - I use to be in an RPG on MySpace. Before Twilight made it's big explosion and became an international hit and only a few actually knew about its existence there was an RPG on MySpace based on the series. And, for those that don't know RPG means role-playing group. It was simple, we picked a character from the series and made a MySpace page based on the character and through comments and messages with other players we made our own story. There was also a lot of original characters, which was what I had. I was so young and such a big fan that when I stumbled upon it I couldn't say no. Near the end I had twenty-two accounts on MySpace. Granted, by that time it had moved passed Twilight, but I still had a few. Of course, it was before I knew better, but I would spend hours playing. The one thing that came out of it is that I actually met one of my best friend's, who lives in Texas, through this.

3. Judgment - I judge people who like books I hate. I know, I shouldn't do it, I know it's wrong, but I just can't help it. I mean, c'mon, how can they see ANY appeal to that story?! I just don't get it. If it's not the writing, it's the lack of character development, too many plot holes, insta-love - it drives me crazy. And when I see people go crazy over that story saying how awesome it is I just want to confront them and instead of doing that I just question their sanity in my head. I'm learning to control myself, but sometimes I slip and say something offensive. I mean, I don't mean to, but I just get so heated and I can't control myself. This needs a ton of working on.

4. Library - I still own a book from the library. So, before I got a job or went off to school my main resource for books came from two places: My parents and the library. Now, the former could only cough up so many books before they decided to cut me off for several months. And in order to avoid going through detox I would rush to the library to get my fix. There was a book there that I took out and for whatever reason, maybe it was the craziness of my senior year or maybe I was just too lazy (I had to walk and it was a long walk) I just never went to return the book. When the time came for me to leave to school, I may have accidentally packed the book with some of my extra things that were going to be stored away. I know I'll return it...but again, I have no idea when. I also know that this is probably illegal, so any librarians out there...uh... *hides*

5. Buying. I buy more books than I can actually read. It's no secret that I love to buy books! I love books, books are wonderful! But, sometimes I buy five books at once and when I've only gone through two books I have already ordered more. Soon, I'm just ordering them even though I have a list that's waiting for me. And it's gotten worse with blogging. Some books I buy and I don't get to for a year or more. It's sad and terrible.

6. Reading. Until I was thirteen, I hated to read. In the school system I grew up in they threw books at you from left to right. You had no choice but to read and I hated every minute of it! I would rather be attached to railroad tracks with a train coming than read. I just didn't understand the appeal! Books were so boring. And chapter books? Nope. Couldn't stand them. It wasn't until I was thirteen that I switched schools that my love for books started to blossom. Until then, my parents and teachers were convinced that I had a reading problem. Truth be told, I knew how to read, I just didn't want to waste my time doing it! Now, I can't stand up. Ha, karma, I see what you did there! But thanks!

7. Burning. I burned a book. It was actually a textbook and a section of my literary textbook. For the former, I couldn't resell it because I had ripped out pages as part of the assignment so I really had no use for it. The latter, though, was a part of my literary analysis class. We had to read Jacques Lacan, who I later had to use for my final paper. By the end of the semester, which was just last Fall actually, I had such deep loathing for the man that I went into my textbook and ripped the essay out and burned it. I figured it didn't matter since I was keeping it anyways. This, actually, isn't as bad as I had imagined confessing to.

8. Crying. I have only cried for two books. I usually don't get that emotional when it comes to reading but only two books have made me cry and for the same reason. The first one had been The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel when I was a freshmen in high school. The second had been Scott Westerfeld's Pretties. And in my head they are for this reason: The author was trying to make me miserable by deliberately separating the two characters that obviously belonged together. Tally and David for Westerfeld, and Ayla and Jondalar for Auel.

8 Deadly Book confessions. I, luckily, have yet  to make anymore. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if this list ends up growing.

What skeletons do you have in your closets? Share, so we can all be in shame together! 


Christine said...

I totally judge people too- I make it no secret on my blog, though, so I couldn't really put it on my list!

Bookworm Belle said...

I judge like you do----though I admit it's mostly heaped upon Twilight lovers, lol! You must've reeeeeally hated the author of that essay to burn that page of the book, yikes! Your list was pretty creative, I liked it!

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

Buying, yeah, I have the same problem.
And go read Harry Potter! :| They are awesome!

My top 10 Tuesday.

The Housework Can Wait said...

I try not to judge, as I like books that some other people hate, and hate books that many people love. This happens even with people whose tastes tend to run pretty similar to my own. Everyone is different, and have different things they're looking for in books.

Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

Ha ha! Your #7 totally made me laugh, because it reminded me so much of my time at uni, studying Lacan and Derrida and all the rest of them. I didn't burn any books though - we didn't have any textbooks, only the actual books, and there's no way I could have ended the life of a book, no matter what my feelings are towards it! But I can sympathise, totally. :D

I hope you get around to Harry Potter someday. You'll love it.

BookSmartie said...

Not having read Harry Potter? I'm deeply sorry but that's not a conession, that's a sin! Okay, it took me a while to actually get started on them, too but it was SO worth it!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

LOL...sometimes it is hard not to judge! I'm trying not to judge you for not crying more...I cry like every other book!!! LOLOL

My anxious life said...

I have never known someone to burn a book!! Interesting!!

Li @ rulethewaves.net said...

I know what you mean about #3. I know everyone has their own tastes but it's hard sometimes ;_; It's a test, I tell you =P

I think almost all book lovers and readers are prone to #5. I've managed to control myself these days but there was a time when my to-read pile was huge because I just kept buying...

Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday! =)