Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Ten Authors & Books I am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

1. Jodi Picoult - My hero! Inspiration! Thank you for opening up my eyes and seeing just how sometimes the world does not make sense and how others handle that situation! Thank you for putting real life drama and showing me that there is always a way out, no matter how tough it gets.

2. Meg Cabot - No childhood exist without Meg! Just not possible! Thank you for showing me that every girl, no matter who they are or where they come from, can be a princess! And for your hilarious humor and awesome books.

3. Diana Gabaldon - The woman who brought Jamie, the man of my life, into my world! I can't be more thankful!

4. Cynthia Hand - Still suffering from my book hangover after Hallowed, but I still need to add her!

5. Maria V. Snyder - One of the woman that brought full fledged fantasy into my life? Totally must be thankful for that because I would never have known how much I love it!

6. Nancy Drew - I never liked reading until my dad put Nancy Drew on my lap. I devoured the first fifty books in the series in one summer! At the time, that was the most I have ever read, like ever! I started when I was twelve and discovered that I absolutely love to read! Technically this does deserve the number 1 stop!

7. Cassandra Clare - For bring out a wonderful book series that is always full of surprises and characters that always keep things interesting.

8. Rachel Caine - For Morganville and showing readers what real vampires should/do act. Not to mention a whole city run by vamps? Too cool. The imagination is limitless, I see.

9. All Scottish Romance Novels - Because I love these Scottish men and hopefully will one day have one.

10. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - For breaking down the tradition of historical romance and being dangerous in your writing and being fearless with it! May you rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

Yes to Nancy Drew!

Monica said...

Awesome list! New follwer here. Feel free to come by and checkout My TTT

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

Cassie is on my list too! and I have to admit I'm yet to read Snyder but I'm adding her too my to read list

here's my my TTT

Sabina said...

Great list! I enjoy Jodi Picolt and Meg Cabot.

My TTT post

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Trisha said...

Nancy Drew was another one of my big starting getting into reading series. That and the Babysitter's club and Boxcar Children.
Great list!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Anyone who loves Diana Gabaldon has terrific taste, in my humble opinion... although we may have a fight on our hands if Jamie Fraser actually shows up!

Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies