Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten (3) Most Frustrating Character

Top Ten is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

I am very proud of the fact that i do not have that many frustrating characters that I read about. So far, this list consist of just three that drove me crazy and made me question my book taste, but besides those three I have to say I do not have the biggest pet peeve with characters. 

1. Rhine from Wither - Honestly, this should be a Top One Frustrating Character. Almost all the characters I have read in various books and none of them have driven me half as crazy as Rhine does. In fact, I am pretty sure all the main characters in this book belong in this feature because I just cannot handle them. This book drove me mad and I was so upset with myself when I finished because I had actually finished. The characters are ignorant, they are spoiled, they are just about as bad as characters get and I do not regret saying this at all.

2. Rose from Vampire Academy - I loved the three books, they were the best, and then in the last three books I started to see just how snotty Rose is. I mean, there was never a character that I wanted to punch as badly as her. In a lot of ways she wants to express her independence but this girl was not independent at all. If she wasn't tied to Lissa (that's how you spell her name, right?) then it was Dimitri and it absolutely killed me the way she could not see how she was using people for her own ends.

3. Luce & Daniel from Fallen - What on earth was the point of this story? What on earth was the point of these characters? Luce was pretty much Bella and Daniel was pretty much Edward. I'll admit that the books did get better as they progressed, but I just could not handle these two very well.


Liesel K Hill said...

Haven't read any of those, though Vampire Academy is on my TBR list. I'll have to watch out for this character. :D Now following you via GFC, btw.
My TTT. Happy Tuesday! :D

Angelica @ Paperback Princess said...

New follower!

Love your blog design, did you DIY?

I'm finding your list funny as I've chosen the same books but different characters eg. Cecily from Wither and Lissa from Vampire Academy LOL

My Top Ten

Angelica @
Paperback Princess

LHughes said...

Ahhh! How did I not think of Rhine?!?! Probably because I blocked that series out of my mind for my own sanity. Fever is the only DNF book on my blog right now. And the biggest reason I couldn't finish was because I didn't care about ANY of the characters. I'll admit that Lauren DeStefano has an intoxicating style of writing that combines beauty and grit. But I could not stand the characters in that book and the plot... don't get me started!

Lauren @ Hughes Reviews